Hazel Press is an independent publisher with a focus on the environment, the realities of climate change, feminism and the arts. Our books are available from the LRB Bookshop.

“good poetry, like nature, requires constant renewal and regeneration”

Jeffrey Yang

We publish poetry, essays and interdisciplinary work, by invitation that is not only intelligent and inspiring but engages with a strong sense of place and the important ecological issues of our time. We seek to be collaborative and provocative.

In 2020 we published Sean Borodale’s essay, Re-Dreaming Sylvia Plath as a Queen Bee; Rootstalk by Ella Duffy, Field Notes by Anna Selby, and Matthew Hollis’ long poem, Leaves.

The Latin name for hazel is Corylus avellana. As Max Adams writes in his book The Wisdom of Trees, “The Hazel may be small, but it is the champion of the woods: the most useful of all trees. The Anglo-Saxons believed it to be their own special tree of knowledge. From it we learn that strength may come from small packages; that flexibility is a strength in itself, and that self-renewal is the art of survival.”

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