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Hazel Press is an independent publisher focusing on the environment, the realities of the climate crisis, feminism and the arts. Our books are all printed in the UK using pioneering eco-print processes and materials. We try to use the least environmentally damaging methods we can find, which means 100% recycled paper and vegetable-based inks. Hazel titles are available directly from us (we ship worldwide) and through independent bookshops and galleries.

Our new titles for autumn 2023, now published, are an o an x, a poetry collection by Maria Isakova Bennett and On Earth, as it is, a collection of poems by Jane Lovell.

an o an x by Maria Isakova Bennett
On Earth, as is by Jane Lovell

In 2023 we also published Burnt Rain by eco-campaigner Roc Sandford, and Ruth Padel’s Watershed, a collection of poems about water and climate denial, featuring a cover by the painter Maggi Hambling. Maggi also provided the cover painting for an o an x.

Burnt Rain by Roc Sandford
Watershed by Ruth Padel

We recently launched Hazel Press Catkins, a new series of occasional chapbooks, printed in limited editions of fifty copies, in response to specific places and events. Our latest Catkin, Bindweed by Anna de Waal, has just been published. The first Catkin, An Alfoxden Journal by Katrina Naomi and Sara Hudston, has now sold out in print but is available as a PDF.

In autumn 2022 we published Edmund de Waal and Norman McBeath’s meditative text and photographic collaboration Perdendosi, Martin Shaw’s essayistic bricolage s t a g c u l t and Maggie Wang’s debut poetry pamphlet The Sun on the Tip of a Snail’s Shell.

Julia Blackburn’s book of small pieces The Wren, Maria Isakova Bennett’s psychogeographic Painting the Mersey in 17 Canvases, Ella Duffy’s international anthology of poetry about plants, Seeds & Roots, and Kate Fletcher and Helen Mort’s Outfitting, a freewheeling collection of poetry and lyrical essays about clothes were also published in 2022.

In 2021 we published Alys Fowler’s first work of fiction The Woman Who Buried Herself, Jess McKinney’s debut pamphlet Weeding, Gillian Beer’s memoir Stations Without Signs, Anna Selby’s international anthology of women’s erotic poetry O, Helen Mort and Katrina Naomi’s lockdown poetry collaboration Same But Different, John Clegg’s poetry sequence Pinecoast.

We began in 2020 with Sean Borodale’s essay Re-Dreaming Sylvia Plath as a Queen Bee, Ella Duffy’s poetry collection Rootstalk, Anna Selby’s poetry collection Field Work, and part of Matthew Hollis’ long poem Leaves.

Short, poetic, restless: Hazel Press

Hazel Press Blog

Contributions from guest writers and artists

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    Three new poems by Carol Rumens following in the footsteps of Dafydd ap Gwilym
  • Thyme for a song
    Ashleigh Fisk sings her queered version of the traditional folk song ‘Let No Man Steal Your Thyme’
  • Mothers and daughters
    A preview from Daughter Wound, the new collection for Hazel Press by poet Nkateko Masinga