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About Anna Selby

Anna Selby is a poet and naturalist. She works collaboratively with conservationists, and is doing a PhD on Plein Air Poetry, Empathy and Ecology at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is currently Poet-in-Residence at The Wordsworth Trust, as well as Cambridge Conservation Initiative, and was formerly in residence at Schumacher College. Her poetry often explores our connection with water and the natural world. She writes poetic-studies of different species in-situ, directly from life, often underwater, and aims for these poems to share a sense of compassion and attentiveness to the environment. 


Twitter: @Anna_Selby

Instagram: @TheNatureTable 

She works on cross-artform, poetry-dance pieces that tour the UK, have been featured on the BBC Culture Show and as a finalist for The Samuel Beckett Trust Theatre Award. Her current piece, Beneath Our Feet is performed in caves and underground spaces and was made in collaboration with cavers, miners and archaeologists. Anna was listed as ‘One of Five British Poets to Watch’ by the Huffington Post. She is co-editor of The World Record – an anthology of contemporary poetry from 204 countries, was the curator of Poetry International and Poetry Parnassus festivals, and is currently writing a non-fiction book called Wild City, about nature in London. 

She is inspired and influenced by: writers Rachel Carson, Richard Jefferies, the Transcendentalists; painters Emily Carr, Casper David Friedrich; Deep Ecology, Animism and Gaia Theory; the creative practices of plein air and impressionist artists; eastern European poetry, and in her reading returns often to poets such as Nikola Madzirov, Anna Swir, Katie Ford and Alice Oswald.

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