In The Nature Of


The Greek anthology, grave steles, epigrams and inscribed poetry

There are two beauties in our world, the world itself and how it’s seen. In our second mini-podcast, a moment’s thought is offered to us, and we follow the thought’s line along with artist, Andrew Hewish, to where it settles on the remembering of the dead, the rituals of stone, and the poetry, shape and movement of a poetic form being described as, almost, sculpture or choreography. In The Nature Of, shares the varied and rich ways we each see and think about the world.

Andrew Hewish
Reverie I, 2020
Egg Tempera on Linen on Panel
20″ x 24″

Andrew is a visual artist and founding director of C4RD, London’s museum space for drawing. You can find more information on his work at and

Some other territories that Andrew Hewish is thinking about and exploring are: sunlight and shadow; plants and gardens; interdependent relations between objects, the contingencies of the studio and the interjections of the world; adrift, lyrical, resistant poetics; indeterminacy and immanence.