In The Nature Of

May No Woman Ever Die Of Love

In this audio we hear a new poem from Ilka Scobie, recorded with the drive of the city surrounding her like a sea gale, she sounds almost like she is on a boat, the cry of a whale deep below her.

Ilka Scobie’s poem Così Fan Tutte, worldly chaos and the maelstrom of a city

Ilka Scobie’s work chronicles fifty years of ideas, feminist activism, observation, friendship and curiosity about life and the arc of time. Ilka is the embodiment of a poetry prism with many facets. She was born in Brooklyn, lived in lower Manhattan, moved to Shady in the Catskills where she homesteaded off grid, then returned to NYC where she teaches poetry in the NYC school system, writes for artlyst and performs her poems uptown and downtown unless she is in Soncino, Italy where she gardens for part of every year. She has written continuously since the mid 1960’s and has been involved with writers, poets and artists of all kinds including Janine Pommy Vega, Herbert Hunke, Jean Giorno, Ugo Rondinone.