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Fit To Love

Joan Edlis  is a Chicago born garden designer and artist who thinks about the connections between the immateriality of sound and the materiality of the world.  Her explorations include drawing, printmaking, objects, installations, video and sound. She has been awarded several residencies in places as diverse as Istanbul  Budapest and the extreme west of Ireland  These days Joan lives and works in Suffolk in an old pink cottage where she has created a superb garden of colour, scent and pleasures surrounded by a twelve foot high mixed hedge that is habitat for wild birds in all seasons. If you are visiting Joan it is not unusual to enjoy the swoop and cries of swifts who nest under roof tiles after looking for tadpoles in her minuscule pond while discussing the Latin names of rare plants that she has sourced and nurtured. Joan also grows impressively large pears, succulent strawberries and more. She is currently researching her cottage and village with the local history group.