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Hazel Quartet

Rootstalk by Ella Duffy.  Rootstalk is written in five voices, each of whose lives is shaped by the Ghost Orchid, one of the rarest wild orchids, which spends most of its life underground and flowers every decade or so.

Re-Dreaming Sylvia Plath as a Queen Bee by Sean Borodale.  In this essay, Borodale draws connections between Plath’s Ariel poems and the bee-science of her esteemed father and beekeeper, Otto Emil Plath.

Leaves by Matthew Hollis.  Thoreau wrote of fallen leaves, ‘they teach us how to die’.  This long poem, seven years in the making, explores loss and grief on the one hand; and new life on the other as it examines the relationship of a father and a daughter.

Field Notes by Anna Selby.  Akin to Heathcote Williams’ Whale Nation, Anna Selby’s work takes us beneath the waves with poetic studies. Written on waterproof notebooks in the Atlantic Ocean, these notes were made underwater.

About Hazel Press

In respect of the environment, Hazel Press books are made as if they could come from a garden, using vegetable-based inks, 100% UK recycled paper, printed and designed locally. All our books are climate positive. We’ve chosen the name Hazel because it is a tree that thrives in the temperate Northern Hemisphere, is one of the most successful understorey and canopy trees, and provides food; wonder and beauty through catkins, and its wood is extraordinarily adaptable.