Re-Dreaming Sylvia Plath as a Queen Bee • Sean Borodale

Re-Dreaming Sylvia Plath as a Queen Bee draws connection between the Ariel poems of Sylvia Plath and the esteemed bee-science of her father/beekeeper, Otto Emil Plath. This reading of Plath’s poetry and its closeness to a science, examines how science can disturb the tenets/existence of what it seeks to know through a methodology of intervention; and by turn, offers a reading of how art can seek to calibrate a residual energy of distress through a process of vital experience; activating poetry as a healer of science, discovering science as a pre-life of poetry.

Photograph by Mark Vessey

Sean Borodale works as a poet and artist and has published three collections of poetry with Jonathan Cape. His collection Bee Journal was shortlisted for the TS Eliot Prize and Costa Books Award, whilst his poem-doc Mighty Beast gained a Radio Academy Gold Award for Best Feature or Documentary. He was selected as a Next Generation Poet in 2014. He divides time between London and Somerset.