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This morning, it is not just us waking. It is the end of winter, the beginning of spring. Sarah Watkinson takes us through this hatching of light, leaflets, chicks and buds: nesting tits feed their fledglings on newly-hatched moth caterpillars,…

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Dead Women Poets Society


Helen Bowell shares a reading of 'A Woman is Laughing' by Fahmida Riaz, translated by Ankita Saxena. This is a poem and a sharing of empowerment, honesty and defiance, of giving ourselves permission; by the incredible Dead [Women] Poets Society,…

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Pre-dawn: the excitement and possibility of snow is what greets us in Melissa Fu’s sharing, which is so vivid it makes you crave the moment of friends arriving at your front door and of heading out to the mouth of…

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The Hare in the Snow, and the manuscripts of tracks, mark making, path and line. Snow can show us what other creatures we share our spaces with, which way they turn and how our tracks meet and overlap. In this…

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Kate MacDowell, Solastalgia

How a Tree Sees Itself

Z.R. Ghani shares her poem, Wires Z. R. Ghani is a marvel, whose writing spans both poetry and prose. In this recording you'll hear her read her piece Wires. From a single tree and seed it reaches back through Deep…

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The Shortening Winter's Day - Joseph Farquharson

To Feel Winter

Maria Isakova Bennett is a positive force of nature, an extraordinarily talented artist, writer, publisher of hand made books, nurturer of ideas and interests. In this recording she offers an abundance of winter in language that itself embodies the cold…

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Arthur Conan Doyle on whaling ship, Hope


Jane Lovell is an award-winning British poet whose work focuses on our relationship with the planet and its wildlife. Her latest collection is the prize-winning God of Lost Ways (Indigo Dreams Press). Jane also writes for Dark Mountain, Photographers Against Wildlife Crime and Elementum…

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