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Burnt Rain is a powerful, compelling polemic by veteran eco-protestor Roc Sandford.

Thirty years ago, Sandford bought a small, bleak island in the Hebrides. His aim was to live there largely alone, without mains services, and manage the land for wildlife. But the place had a different destiny in store. Far from being an unspoilt haven, Gometra was in ecological crisis, caused by climate breakdown. Sandford found himself confronting the barest truths about humanity and the environmental costs of our actions.

In spring 2019, the more-than-human voices of Gometra inspired him to travel to London and join the Extinction Rebellion protests, where he spent time locked-on under a lorry on Waterloo Bridge.

Full of rage, tenderness and weather, Burnt Rain is a brave, headlong gallop into one man’s attempt to live in full knowledge of the unfolding climate disaster. It follows the wheel of the year to chronicle his relationship with the living world in one of the UK’s remotest places.

Print copies now all sold – available only as a downloadable PDF

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