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O is an anthology about sensuality, masturbation, orgasms, and pleasure, with ourselves and others; offering a safe space to celebrate our bodies, lust, passion, love, fun, happiness, healing, joy, defiance, tenderness and intimacy; with poems by Tusiata Avia, Ellen Bass, Diana Bellessi, Clayre Benzadón, Liz Berry, Malika Booker, Elizabeth Bradfield, Franny Choi, Ella Duffy, Julie R. Enszer, Jennifer Espinoza, Megan Falley, Forugh Farrokhzad, Maggi Hambling, Georgie Henley, Hollie McNish, Kim Hyesoon, Audre Lorde, Hannah Lowe, Nkateko Masinga, Bejan Matur, Els Moors, Kutti Revathi, Sofía Rhei, Ana Ristovic, Jane Robinson, Belinda Zhawi and Edith Södergran; translations from Arabic, Farsi, Tamil, Turkish, Korean, Spanish, Flemish, Swedish and Serbian, as well as translations of contemporary Pashtun women in Afghanistan (medieval, feminist poets Dahna bint Mashal and Gwerful Mechain, by Eliza Griswold, Sofia Samatar, and Zoë Brigley.

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