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As countries are engulfed by floods and rising seas, Ruth Padel’s new collection of poems, Watershed, celebrates the numinous power of water while exploring the depths of our capacity to deny the climate crisis.

What lurks in the underwater caverns of our unconscious to give denial such potency? Padel considers “the nightmare of a psyche so dry it is resistant to rain / the water falls straight through / like a love you never noticed.”

Yet there’s always the sparkle of hope, summed up by a lamp created out of saltwater by an indigenous community to light their night fishing. Philosophy, psychology, myth, laughter and pain, Watershed is a celebration of fluidity, illuminating the mystery of water in its unceasing flex and flow.

The cover features a detail from Wave breaking by Maggi Hambling (oil on canvas, 2005).

Printed copies all sold – PDF copies only.

About the Author:

Ruth Padel is a poet, novelist and non-fiction writer, known for her poetic explorations of migration, both animal and human, and her involvement with classical music, wildlife conservation and Greece, ancient and modern.

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